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Одна короткая ссылка и бесконечные возможности

Короткая ссылка - мощный маркетинговый инструмент. Это не просто ссылка, это уникальный способ сбора информации. Короткая ссылка позволяет собирать множество информации о Ваших посетителях и их интересах.


Таргетируйте Ваших посетителей на основе различных факторов и перенаправляйте их на разные страницы Вашего ресурса. Добавляйте пиксели для ретаргетинга в социальных сетях.

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Share your links to your network and measure data to optimize your marketing campaign's performance. Reach an audience that fits your needs.

Reach & increase sales. Идеально для маркетинга и продаж

Understanding your users and customers will help you increase your conversion. Our system allows you to track everything. Whether it is the amount of clicks, the country or the referrer, the data is there for you to analyze it.

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Таргетируйте Ваших посетителей Мощный инструмент который работает

Our product lets your target your users to better understand their behavior and provide them a better overall experience through smart re-targeting. We provide you many powerful tools to reach them better.

Мощный инструмент который работает

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Control on each and everything. Полный контроль Ваших ссылок

With our premium membership, you will have complete control on your links. This means you can change the destination anytime you want. Add, change or remove any filters, anytime.


One link to all your links Create your Public Profile

Create your profile with our simple profile builder and add your all of your links. Share a single link on social networks like instagram, twitter and TikTok and monitor clicks on your links.

Create your Public Profile

Targeting your customers

Target Customers

Target your users based on their location and device and redirect them to specialized pages to increase your conversion.

Custom Landing Page

Create a custom landing page to promote your product or service on forefront and engage the user in your marketing campaign.


Use our overlay tool to display unobtrusive notifications on the target website. A perfect way to send a message to your customers or run a promotion campaign.

Event Tracking

Add your custom pixel from providers such as Facebook and track events right when they are happening.

Premium Aliases

As a premium membership, you will be able to choose a premium alias for your links from our list of reserved aliases.

Robust API

Use our powerful API to build custom applications or extend your own application with our powerful tools.

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